Becky Pollard

Is a Front-End Web Developer



🤖 Hello! I'm Becky! Very nice to meet you!!

I'm a resilient Toronto-based front-end developer with a diverse programming skillset. Front-end dev is my jam, but I'm building my skills to someday break into fullstack programming. I've been working professionally in the tech industry since 2018, and learning about coding since 2014 - but I've been absorbed by technology and the internet ever since I was old enough to scribble in Microsoft Paint, tinker with program files, or mod my favourite games. (The Elder Scrolls game series!)

I believe that anything is possible through the combined powers of the internet and determination (and a good night's sleep). Working as a developer, I strive to keep technology human. That means knowing who we're programming for, how we affect human lives with our creations, and keeping programming education accessible and approachable to everyone.

I excel when working as part of a team- it excites me to be able to continuously learn from others and provide mentoring to share my proficiencies. I'm always learning, adapting, and expanding on my programming knowledge- and usually documenting my new processes and learnings so that I can help others (documentation kind of excites me)! I'm optimally organized with a passion for writing accessible and future-proof code. Additionally of a passion for programming I also have an eye for design- having a degree in graphic design and a passion for the arts means I will always strive to create beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing digital experiences.

When I'm not programming, I'm making sure my cat Creature is living his best life, exploring the city, playing videogames, making small craft projects, and catching up on my sleep. Yes, I am passionate about sleep. It's important!